Valley of the Swords

Valley of the Swords, The dance of nature and fairy chimneys, which starts with the sunrise, ends with the most colorful state of the sunset in Kılıçlar Valley. You have the opportunity to see every shade of red between the valleys. It hosts different beauties of the four seasons for its visitors. Swords Valley, which resembles a sword from a bird’s eye view, becomes more beautiful with the arrival of spring. So much so that every shade of green begins to accompany red. The region, which is called Göreme Kılıçlar Valley due to its sword-shaped fairy chimneys, is a place that sheds light on the past of Cappadocia culture. It is located in an area very close to Göreme. In fact, the region that we can call right across the Göreme Open Air Museum is the most popular stopover point for Cappadocia ATV tours and horse tours.

Aside from the cultural and historical texture of Cappadocia, the activities of those who come here make it much more attractive to come to this region. Valleys are important addresses for nature sports. Because Cappadocia provides a whole with valleys. Trekking has come to the fore in this way. It is possible to talk about visitors coming from all over the world just for trekking. As a matter of fact, Cappadocia, where 2 million visitors come annually, has become one of the rare places visited in all four seasons. In this context, Nevşehir Kılıçlar Valley is a region where you can walk comfortably. Thus, you are walking among the unique talisman of nature and the mysteries of historical buildings on the track with a distance of 2.5 km. Besides, Cappadocia valley toursYou can also make valley discoveries by joining the . For this, we can recommend you HTR Turkey Tours . There are many tours and activities organized for the Cappadocia region. You can visit the website for more information.

Kılıçlar Valley is built on an open area. In this way, you can easily observe the fairy chimneys and cliffs formed here. Because the number of places to visit and see in the region is quite high. The most important part of this valley is the Cappadocia fairy chimneys, each more interesting than the other, with its tunnel of approximately 300 meters. In the continuation of our article, “Where is Kılıçlar Valley, Kılıçlar Valley Churches, How to get to Valley of the Swords?” contains information about.

Churches in Kılıçlar Valley

The Cappadocia valleys are the regions that hide and keep the churches, chapels and monasteries alive. In this context, Kılıçlar Valley churches also find a place for themselves. Here are the Kılıçlar Church and the Virgin Mary Church, named after the region you can visit. Especially the frescoes in Kılıçlar Church are important for world Christianity. According to sources, there are between 400 and 600 churches, chapels and monasteries in the Cappadocia region. At this stage, the most important churches were gathered in Göreme Open Air Museum. Especially the Dark Church here is a place that has become a brand all over the world with its wall frescoes. The depictions you will see here can be seen in other churches in the region.

Church of the Swords

It is possible to say that the most important structure of Valley of the Swords is Kılıçlar Church. Traces of the past thousands of years ago are visible here. You even feel close enough to touch this past. Especially the frescoes inside have gained importance. As a matter of fact, miracles seen as proof of holy beings are reflected in these frescoes. Many miracles are included in the wall depictions. In the scenes depicted here, Hz. The miracles that took place at the will of Jesus continue until his ascension into the sky. Even Hz. The healing of diseases attributed to Jesus, the resurrection of the dead, and the reproduction of food reflect the power possessed.

The resurrection of Lazarus, who portrayed the miraculous scene, has an important place especially among the frescoes depicted in the Church of Kılıçlar. The resurrection and the miracle are only described in the Gospel of John. In the narrative, the resurrection of Lazarus four days after his death, Hz. It has gained importance in terms of showing the place of Jesus. In the wall depiction here, the triangular pediment is depicted as narrow and long. Lazarus is standing here and his white shroud is set in motion. Today, however, the face of Lazarus has completely disappeared. Kılıçlar Church is only 600 meters away from the open-air museum in the region. Its plan is in the form of a closed Greek cross. The southwestern and northeastern columns of the church were damaged. Its dome, on the other hand, has suffered major collapses.

Virgin Mary Church

Located at the beginning of the Kılıçlar Valley, the Virgin Mary Church is adjacent to the Tokalı Church. The most important wall scenes; birth, St. Jesus on the Cross, Journey to Bethlehem, and the death of Mary are depictions of saints. In the depiction engraved on the wall to the west of the church, the Virgin Mary is holding the baby Jesus. Below are the Angels Gabriel and Michael. It has a rare structure in terms of plan. Positioned on steep slopes, the church is a transverse rectangular structure and is covered with two barrel vaults. It has 3 apses and one of them is ruined. Niches were carved on the south and east walls. There are two tombs on the western wall.

It is thought that the church, which is thought to have been built in the 11th century, was built by two donors named Nicantrus and Eronica. The other name of the Virgin Mary Church is also known as Kılıçlar Kuşluk Church. Your walk along the Valley of the Swords takes approximately two hours. The route after the walk is Meskendir Valley. Afterwards, you reach Çavuşin Village. In this context, it should be noted that the best hiking route of the region is this valley. People who want to travel the region faster can join Cappadocia ATV and horse tours. In this way, you can enjoy the view with different tastes.

Valley of the Swords
Valley of the Swords

How to go to Kiliclar Valley?

The most curious question about the valley is where is Kılıçlar Valley and how to get to Kılıçlar Valley. Cappadocia, which is gathered in an area of ​​250 square kilometers in total, is of course the definition of a wide geography. In this sense, the places to visit and visit in the region are not places that can be seen in a short time due to their spread over very large areas. For this reason, it is necessary to plan according to the time you will spend on your trip. In this sense, besides the accommodation service, the time you spend on your trips is thus important. In response to the question of where is Kılıçlar Vadisi, support can be obtained from maps in digital environments. At the same time, permanent signs in the area direct you to your destination. So it is possible to say that it is in an easy place to find. In addition, the possible distances of the valley are as follows.

  • Avanos 7.9 km
  • Uchisar 4.5 km
  • Goreme 150 meters
  • Urgup 8.5 km
  • Ankara 508 km
  • Istanbul 690 km

The regions of Cappadocia, especially where visitors are concentrated, are moving according to the important points to be visited. For this reason, it is possible to talk about the Avanos, Ürgüp and Göreme triangles, which are among the must-see places.

Food and Drink in Kılıçlar Valley

You may need energy in your travels and activities throughout the valley. In this sense, places to eat and drink gain importance. However, there are no eating and drinking places in Kılıçlar Valley. For this reason, it will be beneficial to go for a valley walk after you take your food and drink products with you or after you eat your food. The most important thing you look for in the summer heat of Kılıçlar Valley is cold drinks. It’s hard to get the kind of drink you want here. However, fresh and cold pomegranate juice and orange juice from the buffet opened near the valley in summer will give you energy on your trip.

Kiliclar Valley ATV Tour

Although it is possible to visit the region by car; We can say that the only vehicle is ATV. Horse tours are also organized for this place. Trips on horseback will be a separate experience. However, the opportunity for an enjoyable tour with ATV is open to the adrenaline of the magnificent nature. In this sense, hourly tours are organized. Special tours are available according to the request of the person. However, thanks to certain programs of the companies, you can have a much more fun time.

Kılıçlar Valley is included in the tour program. In this sense, the services you will receive are provided for 4 hours, 2 hours and 1 hour. At this stage, the site plans the tour programs that people need in detail. There are valleys in the program. Especially if you take a 4-hour tour, you can visit Kılıçlar, Güllüdere, Paşabağ, Aşk Valley, Girls Monastery, Kızılçukur, Killik and Ak Valley. The safety of people is important when participating in ATV tours. In this sense, while providing helmet and bonnet and guide, transfer services from the hotel can be provided excluding transfer services. Those who participate in the 1-hour tour can visit the Kılıçlar Valley, Güllüdere, Kızlar Monastery and Kızılçukur Valley. Tours are made on a per person fee. In this contextFor the best prices on , you can get information by contacting the website or phone.

Swords Valley Trekking

Kılıçlar Valley has a walking route of approximately 2.5 kilometers. This region is more prominent with horseback tours and Cappadocia ATV tours. But the beautiful Cappadocia fairy chimneysIt may be good for you to take a walk among them. In this sense, companies organize walking tours to these places accompanied by guides. In this way, besides walking in a cultural area, detailed information about the region can be obtained. Comfortable clothes and shoes should be preferred for walking. There is no water source in the region and there is no place to get it. For this reason, it is necessary to be prepared before the walk. Nevşehir Kılıçlar Valley, where you can walk in four seasons, attracts more visitors due to its proximity to Göreme. Especially the people staying here want to participate in the activities to be held here after visiting the Göreme Open Air Museum, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. These are the main Cappadocia balloon tour, ATV and horse tours and walks. In this context, the address you can visit is Kılıçlar Vadisi.

Valley of the Swords
Valley of the Swords

Kiliclar Valley Accommodation Facilities

In Cappadocia visits, it is desired to visit and see different regions. In this context, your accommodation should be close to your destination. This is important for the entire trip to pass efficiently. There are no places where you can stay in Kılıçlar Valley. The closest region to here is Göreme. Cappadocia Kılıçlar Valley is within walking distance of this place. Therefore, with its proximity to places you can visit, especially in Göreme and Ürgüp, you will have the opportunity to see more places. Goreme hotels serve with the concept of bed and breakfast. At this stage, you can stay in rock hotels for a long time with an accommodation choice that suits your budget. Cave hotels, which are suitable for the geography of the region, are the most desired places to stay here.You can find it on . Moreover, it helps you by offering options not only with Göreme but also with Ürgüp Hotels and Avanos Hotels .

For your stay in the region, you will have a choice of hotels with pools, jacuzzis and Turkish baths. It is located in places with modern lines that have been converted from fairy chimneys into hotels, as well as extremely modern newly built hotels. The priority of those who will vacation here is accommodation reservations. 2 million visitors come to the region every year. Thus, it is possible to experience a shortage of space. Therefore, it will be important to make a reservation long before your trip.

Anadolu Ev Hotel

Anatolian Hauses, a small but magnificent hotel, can be preferred especially for people who prefer cave hotels. Providing service with 33 rooms, the hotel was built on a fairy chimney. Guests staying here do not pay for their children up to 5 years old. However, it is approximately 5 km from the center of Göreme. Providing massage facilities for Turkish bath and SPA lovers, the hotel also provides massage opportunities within the scope of professional teams with natural healing stones suitable for the region, aromatic oils. In this way, people who visit especially in the winter season can spend their holidays in front of the fireplace after the massage, Turkish bath and sauna, with grape wines unique to the region. A thousand and one tales and legends of natural formations await you in Cappadocia. Everyone finds a different story. It always attracts those who want to add a new one to these stories. Thus, Kılıçlar Valley becomes an integral part of Cappadocia by integrating it.

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