Patara Beach ATV Tour

In addition to being a means of transportation suitable for all terrain conditions, ATV, which is one of the most important activities of motor sports, means that we experience more exciting times with tours during our holidays. In this sense, one of the important aspects for transportation in difficult terrain conditions, such as easier transportation, especially in touristic areas, and excitement in groups, is to participate in safaris. Patara Beach ATV Tour, which is close to the region, is one of the important activities you can participate in, especially for those who spend their holidays in the Antalya region.

With Patara ATV Safari, tours are organized to every part of the beach and historical texture in the region. The world-famous historical texture of Patara is one of the places that must be visited, especially for those who choose Kaş and Kalkan as their holiday destination. The historical atmosphere here plays a major role in your journey to the past for thousands of years. Patara and its surroundings, where a magnificent historical city has emerged, and its long and sandy beach are carried out with ATV vehicles. The address of ATV tours, which has become one of the most demanded tours of the tourism businesses of the region, in the Patara region is HTR Tour . HTR Tour , which provides the opportunity to travel with Patara ATV, in line with your request and request.It is also becoming a favorite of holiday regions. It has a key role in the activities of the company, which provides online service procurement over the Internet, in many regions of Turkey.

A magnificent tour with different tracks awaits you with ATV Patara. Here, besides the sand tracks, specially prepared soil and beach tours are offered. Thus, it is forbidden to speed and race in the region except on the tracks where racing can be done with speed.
Patara Beach ATV Tour
Patara Beach ATV Tour

ATV Tours in Patara Ancient City Beach

ATV vehicles, which are constantly seen in holiday regions, attract attention. Especially in recent years, it has become a very attractive means of transportation. So much so that it is one of the preferences of those who do not know how to drive. In fact, ATV vehicles, which are preferred by people who are not yet able to afford it, have powerful engines. It attracts attention especially with its four-wheel drive powerful engine. They are vehicles suitable for all kinds of terrain and seasonal conditions for private use. Thus, it becomes the most popular means of transportation for holidaymakers. At the same time, ATV tours , which is the apple of the eye of tourism and holidaymakers with its performance on dusty and muddy roads and rough terrain conditions, are carried out especially on the beach in the Patara region.

When is the ATV Tour?

If you are on holiday in Patara, you should definitely join an ATV tour . The time of the tours made here is of course programmed according to the demands of the participants. However, in standard programs, tours made from early in the morning to the sunset in the afternoon are the most effective times. In case of large groups, tours can be organized to Patara beach and other regions specially for these participants. Moreover, Patara ATV tour can be done every day in 4 seasons.

Who Can Join ATV Tours?

There are certain limitations in participating in ATV tours, which are preferred by adrenaline enthusiasts on vacation. The biggest reason for this is security. With its powerful engines, the excitement and taste of speeding on rough terrain is different. For this reason, those who want to experience the desired emotion naturally ask the question of who can participate in ATV tours. As a vehicle user, the condition of at least 16 years old is required, while the person in the back seat must be at least 12 years old.
Patara Beach ATV Tour
Patara Beach ATV Tour

How Long Does the ATV Tour Take?

Patara ATV tours, which are shaped according to the wishes of the people, take 30-40 and 60 minutes as standard. However, this can be extended at your request. There is even a Patara ATV rental service. In this context, your address is again HTR Tour It.

Are ATV Tours Dangerous?

ATV vehicles that can be used more easily by people who do not know how to drive are quite safe. In this context, necessary trainings are given to you before the tour. In addition, people who are authorized to use the vehicles participate in the tour. Insurance during the tour is one of the security measures. Thus, tours in Patara and other regions are carried out away from dangers. In addition, speeding is prohibited. It is not possible to speed and race especially outside the track.

What to Wear on ATV Tour?

When participating in the tours, necessary dress code warnings are given to you according to the season and weather conditions. Thus, you can participate in ATV tours in Patara throughout the year . Due to the rainy and wet ground, there may be water and mud contamination. Especially in summer, sea clothes are naturally preferred. In winter, windproof and warm clothes are a must have. In addition, glasses should be worn, especially since it is a dusty activity. Glasses and helmets are the products given to you before the tour.

Patara Beach ATV TourPatara Beach ATV Tour

What to Take with You on the ATV Tour

The most important thing you will need during the tour is a towel. Especially if you want to dry, you need a shower and a towel after the tour. In addition, it is possible for your clothes to get wet and dirty with mud. It is possible to talk about the Patara ATV ride, which you will make between dust and smoke during the event. For this reason, there are other issues that need to be purchased spare clothes. However, you may not find water in the places where the tours are carried out. Drinking water and snacks that will meet your energy needs are other things you should take with you.

Things to Consider in ATV Tours

With a fun ride, the points to be considered in ATV tour are important. For this reason, it is important to comply with the training and warnings given to you before the tour. Professional guides accompany you throughout the tour. In this sense, the guides must be followed throughout the tour. Thick clothes can be worn seasonally. Your arms are mostly used in ATV vehicles. For this reason, clothes that you can move your arms comfortably should be preferred here.

Is a Driving License Required to Participate in the ATV Tour?

Driving license is mandatory for vehicles with license plates attached. However, a driver’s license is not required for ATV tours in Patara and other regions for touristic purposes. So much so that the age limit for vehicle users to participate in Patara ATV tours is 16. It is not possible to obtain a driver’s license for these ages. Therefore, you do not need to have a driver’s license to participate in ATV tours.
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