Cappadocia Balloon Tour

Cappadocia, the Land of Beautiful Horses, is one of the places with the highest concentration of tourists in Turkey. One of the things that all tourists, regardless of local or foreign, desire most is to come here and experience all the activities that the region has to offer. There is so much to see in this region. We can say that there is no limit to the activities you can do. For example, horse tour, ATV tour, regional tours, underground city tours. At the beginning of these, of course, is the Cappadocia balloon tour. In fact, the first thing that comes to mind for anyone traveling to Cappadocia is to take a balloon tour. Although you may be angry at first for getting up so early on the road you set out with the sunrise, rest assured that what you will encounter in the end will be totally worth it. Prepare yourself for a magnificent tour where you will rise to the sky around the scenery of Cappadocia fairy chimneys. The balloon tour also includes free transfer, breakfast, balloon certificate and medal. Balloon tours take an hour on average. This is also one of the top balloon destinations in the world.

Balloon Tour Prices

There are more than 20 companies providing balloon tour services in Cappadocia. The expenses of balloon companies and the prices of balloons have increased a lot. For this reason, the prices at which companies sell tours vary. Prices may increase depending on the number of people, special days, intensity and requests. Everyone’s service is different. Although transfer, breakfast and after-dinner drinks are generally included, some guests request special services. Balloon tours are made with an average of 10-20 people.

After the balloon tour, many activities are held. Birthday, anniversary, marriage proposal, celebrations and more. However, the most common way is for guests to choose this place to propose to their partners.

Cappadocia will be an unforgettable experience if the marriage proposal is really made. After a fascinating balloon tour, your partner will be very happy with the concept preparations prepared for you at the landing area according to your wishes. Upon request, you can also have a nice breakfast or a romantic meal prepared after the balloon tour. Well, we come to the most important question: How much are the prices of the Cappadocia balloon tour? Standard, comfort and luxury balloon tours are available. Prices vary according to the factors we mentioned, but the average price of balloon tour per personWe can say that it is 170€. In general, balloon tour prices drop a lot at the end of the season. If these prices are not suitable for you, you can catch the best prices at the end of the season. At times, prices may even drop by half.

When are the Cappadocia Balloon Tours?

There are two types of balloon tours in Cappadocia. The first is the ‘first flight’ tour, which is made to watch the first lights of the day. You can clearly observe the sunrise and all that riot of light. The second is the tour after the day has come, and it is called ‘late flight’. The guests do not want to participate in this flight too much because they miss out on all the wonderful colors and unique scenery. For this reason, guests generally prefer the ‘first flight’. Balloon tours are tours that can be done in 12 months of the year, 4 seasons. Only the weather conditions need to be suitable. We can say that the only condition is low wind. Also, since rainy and stormy weather will be dangerous for you, the pilots do not tour in these weathers. If you buy a balloon tour and your tour is canceled due to bad weather, you don’t have to worry! If it is convenient for you, a tour can be scheduled again the next day or your full fee will be paid to you without deduction.

The authorities of the company where you bought the tours will reach you the day before and inform you when the tour will depart. You will be picked up from your hotel approximately 1-1.5 hours before the departure of your balloon. Then you go to a huge area where hundreds of balloons lie. While you wait for the pilots to prepare the balloons, you have your breakfast accompanied by a magnificent view. After you eat your meals, you go to the balloons with your vehicles. With the instructions of your pilot, you settle into the basket of the balloon. Finally, the exciting journey begins. For an average of 1 hour, you will witness the beautiful scenery. The wonderful colors formed in the sky with the sunrise will fascinate you. After your tour, you must follow your pilot’s instructions during landing. Although hot air balloons are one of the safest means of transportation, Due to the weather conditions, there may be some disruptions from time to time. In such cases, it will be in everyone’s advantage to support the descent without panic.

Things to Consider While Making a Cappadocia Balloon Tour

There are some things you should pay attention to on your journey with the unique view of Cappadocia and fairy chimneys. You must comply with these for your safety and to be able to complete your tour happily.

  • First of all, you should definitely not go out of your hot air balloon pilot’s word, and apply what he says. This is especially important for landing and take-off.
  • You must fasten your seat belts at the start of the tour and must not take them off during the tour.
  • Before you go on tour, it will be beneficial for you to dress one layer thicker before leaving your hotel. No matter what season you do a balloon tour, the temperature of the air will decrease as you ascend into the sky in an open vehicle. It’s easy to get sick with the effect of the wind that you will feel at the height. Therefore, whenever you join this tour, you should take an extra jacket/coat. Even if it’s summer, you can wear trousers and a sweater. Especially if you are going to do it in winter, you should not forget to buy gloves, hats and scarves.
  • We recommend that you do not bring your light accessories such as hats and glasses with you as they are at risk of flying, and even if you do, keep them in your bag.
  • It is very important to choose comfortable shoes as you will be on your way early in the morning and will be standing for at least an hour. However, we recommend that these shoes do not have mesh, because even if they are comfortable, you may catch a cold and get sick from the wind.
  • Finally, don’t forget to take your camera with you if you don’t want to miss the amazing images.

Where Do Balloons Take Off?

Almost all of the balloon tours provide departures based in Goreme. In the balloon tours in Cappadocia, the balloons are prepared primarily in the Rose Valley. Afterwards, it takes off from the Kızılçukur Valley. Afterwards, you will visit Güvercinlik Valley, Paşabağ Priests Valley and Zemi Valley under your feet, accompanied by beautiful views.

Where Can We Watch Balloons?

Almost all balloon flights in the Cappadocia Region depart from Göreme. With the sunrise, the balloons take off from the Kızılçukur Valley. Balloons are first laid on the ground in another Rose Valley. All preparations are made here. Our guests who want to watch these preparations should be present in the Rose Valley at around 4.00 or 5.00 on average. Because witnessing the preparation phase as well as the balloon ride is an extremely fascinating sight. If you are going to participate in a balloon tour, your tour operator will pick you up from your hotel 1 hour before departure. If you say that you do not want to participate in the balloon tour, you want to witness this magnificent view from the land, the most beautiful place to observe this after the Rose Valley is Love Valley.

Who Cannot Join Balloon Tours?

Anyone who does not have any mental or physical illness and can go to the basket of the hot air balloon can participate in the balloon tours. Except this;

  • Pregnant women or people with suspected pregnancy cannot participate.
  • It is not recommended for people who have just had surgery to attend or a doctor’s approval is required.
  • Children under the age of 6 cannot participate.
  • Those with back or hip pain cannot participate.
  • Those with fear of heights are not recommended to join the tours.
  • Children under the age of 16 can only join the tours with their parents.

Is It Safe To Ride The Balloon?

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether it is safe to ride hot air balloons. However, as a result of the investigations of the authorities, it was announced that balloons are one of the most suitable and safe vehicles for travel. As with any vehicle, there is risk and of course minor accidents have occurred, but this is very rare.

Balloon tours have been made in Cappadocia for more than 20 years. Also, not everyone can fly a hot air balloon. If they want to become a pilot, they must attend the Civil Aviation Course. As a result of their training, you make your flights with people who deserve the certificate. Accidents are generally not due to any mistake, but due to weather opposition. However, in order to prevent this, Civil Aviation conducts air checks every half hour. If there is an inconvenience to the flight, they may cancel the tours for your safety even if you have reached the area.

What is the Cappadocia Balloon Tour Program?

Balloon tours usually start early in the morning with your pick-up from your hotel. When you go to the area, you have your breakfast while you wait for the employees to prepare the balloons for you. If you want to witness all the moments, you can request to go to the region by stating that you want to watch the preparation of the balloons. When Civil Aviation has made all its checks and the weather conditions are suitable for take-off, you will be notified and you will be on your way to the area. How many people on the tour, you climb into the basket of the balloon one by one. When everything is ready, you take off. Cappadocia balloon tours usually have a certain route, but it may vary depending on the weather conditions. Afterwards, you will have plenty of time for cruising and photography for approximately 1 hour.

What is Included in the Balloon Tour?

  • Insurance.
  • Transfer from your hotel to the area and back to your hotel.
  • Morning breakfast with a view.
  • Champagne after landing.
  • Snack after landing.
  • Certificate of participation that you have completed the balloon tour.

We told you everything you need to know about balloon tours. However, guests may have many questions, because participating in these tours is really a big deal! Here are the frequently asked questions and answers about the Cappadocia balloon tour!

How many people can ride the balloons?

Depending on the package you buy, 10 to 32 people can ride on the hot air balloons. However, after the pandemic measures, the maximum value of this number decreased to 25.

What parts does a hot air balloon consist of?

Balloons consist of three parts in total.

  1. The balloon itself, called the dome part,
  2. Basket part where guests get on,
  3. Combustion unit that inflates and ascends/descends the balloon with strong flames directly above the passengers.

When should Cappadocia balloon tour reservation be made?

Everyone who comes to the Cappadocia Region dreams of riding hot air balloons. Even if hundreds of balloons take off from the area every day, the region cannot fully meet this demand instantly. For this reason, it is useful to book a balloon tour maybe a few weeks before you go on your holiday. If you want to make a reservation from the region after your holiday, you will probably not be able to find a place or you will have to get service at prices much higher than normal. As a result, you will not be able to realize this dream that you want so much.

The most important point is which day of your holiday you will book. Our advice to you is to make a reservation for the first morning you will be in Cappadocia, if possible. The reason for this is that if your tour is canceled due to adverse weather conditions, you should have an alternative tour to arrange a tour again so that you will not be deprived of this fun. It will be really sad for you to come to Cappadocia to join the balloon tour and then return without being able to do it.

What material are the balloons made of, are they likely to burn?

Balloons are made of non-tearing nylon. In addition, there is no risk of burning, as it is made of materials called ‘Nomex’ and can withstand fire like this.

How do pilots steer a hot air balloon?

Balloons only have control to go vertically. The direction of the balloons is usually determined by the wind. Pilots can also be somewhat effective in this regard, thanks to their experience. However, since a route is already drawn according to the direction of the wind, the pilots take care to keep it in this alignment.

How long does the balloon tour take on average?

If we count the preparation before the balloon tour, we can say that you need to allocate an average of 3-4 hours for this. However, if you are only wondering about the duration of the balloon flight, this takes at least 45 minutes and at most 1 hour, depending on the flight situation.

How high can balloons go?

In Cappadocia, hot air balloons fly at 2000 feet, ie 610 meters, to the upper limit. They rise to a maximum height of 610 meters, because above this can harm you, our guests. Even from these heights, you can see Cappadocia and fairy chimneys in a panoramic way.

What happens if the burning unit called ‘Burner’ goes out while flying through the air?

The burner is located in the basket above the pilot and passengers. It puts out a very strong flame to heat the air inside the balloon. When the air inside the hot air balloon is heated, the balloon rises. When descending, the pilot allows the air in the balloon to cool.

If you encounter such a problem during the flight, the ‘second burner’ in the balloon will be activated and if there is a problem in it, the ‘third burner’ will be activated. However, if all these possibilities are experienced, which we can say is very low, the balloon will descend on its own at parachute speed.

Is it dangerous to have a bird in a balloon?

Hot air balloons were huge vehicles. Birds are afraid to even approach, let alone get inside. Due to the material the balloons are made of, birds cannot damage the balloons. However, if they do damage it, the balloon will continue to fly without any problems.

How long does it take for a hot air balloon to inflate and deflate?

In the company of the pilots, the Cappadocia hot air balloons inflate in about 15-20 minutes and deflate in the same time.

Does the balloon land where it takes off?

When you join the Cappadocia balloon tour, it may not always be possible to land at the same place. The reason for this is that the wind is more effective than the pilot in the driving of the hot air balloon. When it is time to land, your pilot will determine the most suitable place and safely

When is the right time for a Cappadocia balloon tour?

There is no best time to do a balloon ride because it can always be done. It is suitable for balloon tours in all four seasons. The most important and only condition for making a balloon tour is that the weather is not windy or stormy. However, we can say that you will enjoy the tours you will take in April, May, October, November and January more.

Why are balloon tours held in the morning?

Morning hours are both cooler and calmer. It is necessary for the hot air balloon to rise to the desired level during take-off and for a calm and safe landing at the end of the tour. You can also witness the color riot that occurs with the sunrise in the early hours of the morning only in the early hours.

Is there an age limit for the Cappadocia balloon tour?

Children under the age of 6 are not allowed to ride the hot air balloons. We do not recommend people over the age of 90 to join the balloon tour. Apart from that, the only feature required for the balloon tour is to be able to climb into the basket of the balloon.

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