ATV safari Tour in Istanbul

Bringing out the childlike spirit within you, ATV safari Tour in Istanbul tour has features that will bring back your childhood feelings. Especially Şile and Polonezköy are the places of Istanbul ATV Safari Tour. A few hours that you will spend alone with nature offers you a different experience and beauties that will add happiness. Thus, a happy day is lived saturated with rain, water, sun and dust. There are several areas in Istanbul where you can participate in regional tours. In this sense, it is possible to have a fun time both on specially processed tracks and on natural tracks. ATV tours, where movement, fun and excitement are experienced together, are tours that the people of the Istanbul region take part in, especially on a daily basis.

Especially Polonezköy and the Şile region invite you with ATV tours. ATV route Istanbul in the region  Tour HTR on the most favorable conditions in terms of ATV prices from Istanbulis provided with. Depending on the program, special routes are prepared for you. In this way, a much more fun trip is created. On tours where free spirits gather, dozens of ATV Motors perform with their voices in and around Istanbul. You can talk about tours that can be done in all seasons. Thus, people who know how to enjoy life can participate in this event 12 months a year. In this way, people who become happy in contact with nature spend time alone with nature. Especially stress-free, guided ATV tours open the door to discovery. In this sense, it is an important topic for those who want to join the fun with a perfect Istanbul ATV tour to make a reservation with HTR Tour. So much so that ATV prices around Istanbul and its surroundings  Tour HTR provided on the most favorable conditions.

ATV safari in Istanbul
ATV safari in Istanbul

ATV tours with nature

Istanbul ATV tour can be done with a fee per person. Two people participate in the tour in the vehicles. In this sense, people who use the vehicle on excursions may use it within certain regulations. ATV rides, a fun way to get dirty, take place every day in Şile and Polonezköy within Istanbul. In fact, ATV Rental Istanbul addresses are important for you to chart your own route. In this context,  Tour HTR  helps you with ATV driving places in the Istanbul region.

Vehicles that will allow you to move on all surfaces with their powerful 200 cc engines will revive the childish spirit that you carry inside. In a sense, there are Istanbul ATV motor experiences that will give you a chance to rediscover Istanbul. ATV tours  , which take place in areas closed to traffic, are organized for hobby purposes. For this reason, it is not suitable for traffic. To be suitable, it is possible to move around with rented ATV vehicles in Istanbul with plate attached. Especially in Istanbul, the Cekmekoy ATV region is rented out a lot.
ATV safari in Istanbul
ATV safari in Istanbul

Şile ATV Tours revlando espiritus libres

ATV tours that will reveal the free spirits in the Şile region are carried out according to your request for 1 and 2 hours. Of course, these deadlines can be extended at your request. In this sense, the Şile ATV tour can be done in the forest, by the sea. There are many special stage tours. Especially the Forest Safari, Desert Safari, Virgin Beaches, Climbing and Water Crossing stages are places that will bring out your nasty childish side.

Participation in ATV tour  varies as one or two people per vehicle. Rates are charged per person. However, on some stages and tracks, the price can be taken per vehicle. Beautiful moments during the tour are reflected in the photo frames. Even photo breaks are provided. In this way, photos with beautiful backgrounds are taken. In this way, you can share your enthusiasm on social media platforms while adding new frames to your memories.

Conditions of the ATV tour in Istanbul

To participate in the Istanbul ATV safari tour, the person driving must be at least 16 years old or older. Rear seat occupants must be 12 years old. Apart from this, anyone who does not have a physical problem can participate in the tours in and around Istanbul. In this sense, the vehicles are used outside of traffic. For this reason, it can be used without the need for a license and document. Also, there is no experience requirement. The reason is education.

It is possible to speak of routes without traffic. For this reason, a driver’s license is not required for the ATV Safari tour conducted on tracks and special areas. It doesn’t even matter if you have no experience at all. In this sense, the necessary training and orientation to the vehicles is one of the questions that are provided before the route. Before the quad tour  , the necessary training is given to the people who will use the vehicles. Vehicles with a powerful 4*4 engine have automatic transmission. In this way, anyone can use it. In addition, after the training given, it is allowed to carry out a driving test to adapt to the vehicle. Thus, a trip is planned with a perfect route.

ATV safari in Istanbul
ATV safari in Istanbul

Quad bike tour of Polonezköy

Another address to do an ATV tour with Istanbul is with ATV Safari Polonezköy. ATV safari Tour in Istanbul, The durations of the tours carried out here are 1 and 2 hours. Again, based on your request, the region is explored over long periods of time. 1 and 2 people can join the tour in the vehicles. However, the age restriction is different in terms of use here. Users must be at least 16-18 years old. Again, 12-year-olds can join the tours in the back seats. There is an intense demand for participation in ATV tours in the region, especially on weekends. For this reason, before the holidays  Tour HTRWith early booking, you can have a perfect trip. Especially those who participate in tours with Polonezköy are willing to participate in tours in Şile and other regions in the future. The reason for this is happiness with the emotion it gives.

Istanbul ATV tours  , which will provide an opportunity to encounter sand, dust, dirt and mud, are in great demand, especially with day trips. ATV tours of the region on special days and holidays, especially on weekends, are becoming the focus of attention. For this reason, participants are excited to participate in these tours again in the future.
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